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Instructor: Warren Norgaard

Join us for Warren's NEW 3-dimentional glass workshop using silicone molds and powders! In this 2.5 day workshop, We'll learn how to create an original 3-dimensional piece by sculpting clay, cast that original into a flexible, rubber-based mold system making with silicone molds, filling them in a very unique way, and then casting reproducible fused glass originals that are incredible light weight, full of detail, and a great deal of fun! This is unlike any casting class you've taken before ... no wax involved, no mold to go into the kiln, and a fast kiln turnaround!  Warren has some cool tricks up his sleeve, so don't miss this new technique!


About Warren & Technical blah... blah...

Warren Norgaard is an internationally awarded and collected glass artist, and founder of Fused Glass Fanatics. Warren teaches year-round at Milkweed Arts in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as travelling to teach in studios across the country.

Visit Warren's Website:

LEVEL - NEXT STEP - Some glass fusing experience is necessary.

WORKSHOP - 2.5 Days - 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

CLASS FEES - $495 Due at Registration (non-taxable)

MATERIALS FEE - $150 Due on the Day of Class (taxable)

Lunch: Bring your own or order with the class. We bring in class lunches from a variety of tasty restaurants. Let us know if you have any food restrictions.


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