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NICOLE LOZANO...   I have always felt a need to create. Whether with scraps of fabric, paper, paint or anything else I could get hold of, but when I found glass, it touched me     in a way nothing else had before. Glass as a medium, balances application of science and creativity, requiring me to utilize both technical skills and creative abilities. I apply an understanding of the physics involved in temperature control to achieve specific results.     My work is influenced by this process as well as the world around. Specifically, I draw on influences from details I observe in nature, from my travels and my experiences in other  areas such as calligraphy, book binding and fabrics. I believe strongly the feelings picked up by your fingers as they run across a piece are just as important as the message received visually. And that art/craft are meant to be enjoyed. I work to convey these values by creating items made to be lived with and used. I regularly include raised elements and pay close attention to the finish each piece is given. This increases visual depth and contributes to that ever important sense of touch. Visit her website!


ANDRE "ANDY" BALLY...   Andre and his wife, Virginia founded BALLY STUDIOS in 1994 and has been greatly influenced by the cultures and design motifs of the traditional Japanese Potters as well as the North American Indian Potters. Along with a diverse Art and Design background, these influences are reflected in the design and finishes of Virginia's and Andre's work. This fused with long hours of research and trial and error testing makes each piece they produce completely unique. Andre and Virginia have been researching and experimenting with ceramics, glass, paper and metal for over forty years. Together they have pieces on exhibit in private collections in Canada, Europe, Northern Africa and the United States. Visit their website!








HEIDY ASHTON...  Heidy began working with glass 6 years ago, and moved into recycled glass about that same time. Finding beautiful and functional ways to reuse a discarded bottle has become a passion and challenge for her. She cuts, grinds, and sandblasts using templates and her own designs to create unique glass creations.  She has been selling her work at markets and festivals throughout Texas for the last 3 years. With her 3 supportive children and the help of her husband, she is excited to make her mark in recycled glass. She also enjoys traveling and meeting new people.  Visit her website!



JOHN MEYER...   As a twenty-three year Army veteran, John has traveled around the world with the military and with his wife. He has always admired the architectural metal sculptures and forms he has seen in his travels. The military fostered his love of knives as they are a Soldier’s best tool. He took his first knife making class in 2011 at the Southwest School of Arts and from there he expanded his knowledge into general Blacksmithing. John has studied under the master blacksmith, Mark Aspery, and has enhanced his skills through numerous classes. He is a member of Balcones Forge Central Texas Blacksmiths. Metal as a medium balances function, form and art. Metal requires heat to soften but needs the strength and skill of the blacksmith to shape. Blacksmiths are called the craftsman’s craftsman since we make the tools for all the other trades. John’s work focuses on creating functional tools for the craftsman as well as for everyday use. John further enhanced his skills with metal by learning to weld. He uses his skill as a blacksmith and welder in collaboration with his wife, Lisa, to create forms and shapes which incorporate metal with fused glass.