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Jump into one of Gail's classes on the road!
Oct. 5–8, 2017 – WESTERN ART GLASS, SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Glass as your Canvas; Advanced Imagery
Mar.23–26, 2017 – BEADFEST, SANTA FE, NM – PMC 960 - 4 CLASSES!
Mar. 29–30, 2017 – GLASS CRAFT EXPO, LAS VEGAS, NV  – PMC with Glass!
Mar. 31, 2017 – GLASS CRAFT EXPO, LAS VEGAS, NV – Powder Printing on Glass!
Apr. 1, 2017 – GLASS CRAFT EXPO, LAS VEGAS, NV – Screen Printing on Glass!
Apr. 29–30, 2017 – MILKWEED ARTS, PHOENIX, AZ – PMC with Glass!
May. 5–7, 2017 – AAE GLASS, CAPE CORAL, FL – Sculptural Glass with Imagery
Jul.12–15, 2017 – WEISSER GLASS, KENSINGTON, MD – Glass as your Canvas; Advanced Imagery
January 20 - 21st, 2018 - AAE GLASS, CAPE CORAL, FL – PMC with Glass!
January 25 –28th, 2018 – AAE GLASS, CAPE CORAL, FL – Glass as your Canvas!
April 4-7th, 2018 – GLASS CRAFT EXPO, LAS VEGAS, NV – Various classes
July 22-28th, 2018 – ARROWMONT SCHOOL OF ART, GATLINBURG, TN – Glass as your Canvas -EXPANDED!
AUGUST 15-19th, 2018 – HERITAGE GLASS, E.GREENWHICH, RI – There's No Place Like Home; Alterista's in Glass - Co-teaching wth Alice-Benvie Gebhart.
GLASS AS YOUR CANVAS - 7 IMAGERY TECHNIQUES – NEXT LEVEL Imagery Students will work with glass enamels, glass paints, glass powders, micas, stencil cutters and frisket, and specialty films. We’ll use photo manipulation software (Photoshop of Photoshop Elements), and more. We’ll thoroughly cover and utilize the following print making techniques; 1) SCREEN PRINTING; making your own screens 2) AIRBRUSHING; different tools and which work for each application 3) PHOTO RESIST; different films and why each works 4) POWDER PRINTING; easy short cuts to great images 5) CUSTOM DECALS; color decals, tints, and sources 6) DIRECT PAINTING; how, why, and when to do it 7) MASKING AND STENCILING; making your own custom stencils. Students will create 6 sample tiles as well as 2 complete works highlighting their own personal history, focusing on childhood and love. Each piece will consist of patterns, colors, and textures, overlaid with images of persons, places, and things. After some experimentation, we will use all of these techniques, to apply imagery on (2) 10”x 10” panels, which we will then mount for hanging.


THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME; ALTERISTA'S IN GLASS – ADVANCED LEVEL Altarista’s or small home alters are an expression of faith, art, and cultural heritage, with each one conveying the experience of its maker. Each altar is a sacred personal space filled with icons of importance to the heart of its owner. Traditionally, Altar makers have also established a creative and spiritual "space apart," which was a means for women to meet their artistic and spiritual needs, and at the same time challenge the "powerlessness" to which male-dominated cultural institutions have consigned them. In this workshop, we will explore the Sacred Altar as Art. Using various glass and mixed media techniques, we will create imagery and symbols close to our hearts, our memories, and the significance of our personal homes and heritage. Whether you gain strength, comfort, or inspiration from your experience of home, you can convey your story of the power of home by creating your own sacred altar space. We’ll be taking it to the next level, beyond just the printed image, to create mood, genre, and emotion. This workshop covers it all from concept creation to the final mounting. Get set for four intense days of making, story-telling, and sharing new techniques! The focus of this workshop is on the development of complex, layered pieces with inclusions and images in a 3-dimensional form. Students will create a biographical piece in which they will develop a scene including background, middle ground and foreground layers where their images and inclusions will reside.Students will develop color schemes, work with photo manipulation software (Photoshop of Photoshop Elements), glass enamels and powder applications, screen printing, airbrushing, photo resist, and direct painting techniques, to apply imagery on multiple layers of glass. Additionally, each piece will carry an inclusion of a small, but highly visible objects inside of the glass. Some mixed-media techniques will also be explored as enhancements. Students will become skilled at preparing personalized images, creating backgrounds, working with photoresist films, creating their own silk screens, operating an airbrush, printing powder images, layering images, engineering inclusions into their work, specialty mounting, understanding adhesives, and mastering the firing schedules that deliver success, plus effective sandblasting and cold working techniques.


SCULPTURAL GLASS WITH IMAGERY Take your fused glass beyond the bowl! It’s time to create light catching sculpture that communicates. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a loose abstract design or a photographic image, you’ll learn how to make it happen in this exciting new workshop! Each new skill and technique can be applied to small work as well as larger projects, making this a “don’t miss” class. The focus of this workshop is on the development and printing of images in tall, transparent, slab sculptures. Students will learn screen-printing, powder applications, and direct painting techniques to apply their imagery to multiple layers of glass. The image layers will then be fired, stacked, and fired again to create tall thick slabs of transparent glass. The slabs will then be cut, ground, polished and mounted on steel bases. Students will become skilled at preparing personalized images, creating their own screens, painting and layering enamels, and mastering the firing schedules that deliver success. In addition, students will experience effective kiln casting and cold working techniques. Each student will cut, grind and polish their pieces, and learn how to mount their base pieces. Fusing experience is necessary to participate, but advanced skills are not required to be successful.



POWDER PRINTING; IMAGES ON GLASS       This exciting workshop is designed to teach the secrets of powder printing images into your glasswork. We’ll work with powdered frit and screens to create graphic patterns, cool images, depth and texture. First, we’ll create our images, then develop our templates, and we’ll print your choice of plates, platters, or panels! This technique can be used in tandem with other image and pattern based processes to create strong graphic statements in your glasswork. There is no limit to the color, depth and texture you can make happen within an image! Fusing experience is necessary to participate, but advanced skills are not required to be successful!


PRINTING ON GLASS If you’ve always wanted to add photographic images, text effects, patterns, visual textures, and graphics to your glasswork, this is the class for you. In this workshop we’ll explore several methods of making your personal mark. Students will learn the basics of preparing their own photographic images, graphics, patterns and sketches using the computer to personalize their designs. We’ll then transfer those images onto glass with wonderful depth and detail. Students will create (3) colorful 5”x 5”, 6mm sushi plates with images. Print making techniques can be applied to glass in several ways. Students will work directly creating and using stencils and single process screens, We’ll mix our own vitreous glass enamels for direct painting. This will be a busy two days! On day one we’ll grind and shape our glass for our sushi plates and apply some visual elements. We’ll fuse our pieces and then learn the process to manipulate our photographs and create our screens. On day two we’ll sketch and draw our own graphics and learn to transfer those to our plates. 


METAL CLAY 960: LENTIL BEADS WITH STONES PMC 960 Sterling Silver is an exciting medium that allows you to produce quality, detailed hollow designs in sterling silver without the mess or equipment required for traditional jewelry casting. Beginners will love the ability to create personalized, one-of-a-kind lentil focal beads that they can wear alone on a chain, or add to their favorite beaded designs. In just one day students will create enviable heirloom quality silver pendants that work with any style.


 METAL CLAY 960: BEZEL SETTING WITH SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES & VINTAGE CHINA Jump into Bezel Setting in Metal Clay! This workshop will introduce you to the exciting world of soldering and setting inclusions into your Metal Clay. We will work with PMC 3 and fine silver bezel wire, to add beautiful vintage china shards or semi-precious stones and make pendants that are truly romantic, art deco, Asian inspired and more! Don’t miss this hybrid approach. You’ll learn new techniques in soldering on metal clay that will open the door to loads of new possibilities in jewelry making. Beginners are welcome! Metal Clay and Glass are included.  


 METAL CLAY 960: WITH GLASS Join us for an exciting 2 days of glass and metal clay fun! On our first day we'll make unusual and beautiful glass jewelry focal pieces designed to join with our metal clay bails and enclosures. On our second day we will combine those pieces with the new PMC 960 Sterling!  You'll learn exciting cold connection techniques as well as time tested coil and enclosure techniques. This workshop is for glass fusers or metal workers who want to learn more exciting specialty art-jewelry projects. Beginners are welcome! Metal Clay and Glass are included. (This is a one-day class in Tuscon, AZ.)