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Beautiful fine jewelry is gorgeous from the front as well as from the back! In this workshop you’ll learn the fun and easy process of making reversible glass and silver pendants that will “WOW” even the pickiest wearer! You'll learn invaluable coldworking and metalsmithing techniques that will elevate your jewelry skills to the next level. These techniques can be utilized with any type of glass design you can create and any kind of metal clay you like! Dichroics, pattern bars, Fritrini, Pebbles, Silver, Copper, Rose Gold Brass, whatever is in style, you can follow the trends and stay ahead of the curve! Galleries will be clamoring to carry your work, and friends and customers will be bugging you with commissions. Don’t miss this great way to move your work above and beyond,

Join us for an exciting 2 days of glass and sterling silver metal clay fun! On our first day we'll make unusual and beautiful glass jewelry focal pieces, as well as sterling metal clay "jackets" to match those pieces! On our second day we'll put it all together by drilling holes in our glass and metal pieces and then combining them using riveting techniques. We'll even explore some soldering techniques as well! Our pendants will have a unique design on both sides making it a truly reversible piece of art jewelry! This workshop is for glass fusers or metal clay workers who want to learn more exciting specialty art-jewelry projects. 

LEVEL - NEXT STEP - Some metal clay or glass fusing experience is necessary.

WORKSHOP - 2 Days - 9:30 am - 5:30 pm



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