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Instructor: Lisa Becker

Every ruffle. Every button. Every tiny stitched detail. The process of permanently preserving an article of clothing or fabric in glass will capture the minutest of detail. This class will guide you through all the processes from preparing the fabric, creating the mold, firing and annealing considerations, and un-casting of the dimensional piece. Students will create one positive casting of fabric as well as one smaller fragment study relief casting. The relief casting will be similar to a box casting and create an almost holographic image inside the glass. We will discuss various mold materials for this process and how they can be adapted to processes outside of fabric. This technique is great for small clothing such as baby clothes or clothing that has been cut to size, or anything that can lay flat such as fabric purses or plush dolls, etc. The article needs to be no larger than 12x14. Baby clothes can be found at many second-hand stores -- look for sizes up to 6 months. A detailed letter will be send out prior to class to help students in selecting their material. This method can damage the clothing item. Please take this into consideration when choosing your item to cast.

LEVEL - NEXT STEP - Some glass fusing experience is necessary.

WORKSHOP - 3 Days - 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

CLASS FEES - $545 Due at Registration (non-taxable)

MATERIALS FEE - $200 Due on the Day of Class (taxable)

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