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Painters, printmakers, and photographers all tell a story on their canvas. The viewer is drawn into their world through their ability to communicate visually. As glass workers, we too can communicate with the viewer by layering imagery to create visual richness and depth. Each layer applied can create a fabric-like background that allows additional focal images to float in the foreground. There are a number of different techniques and products that can be utilized to create these layers and help us tell our story, each one delivers a unique quality that can enhance or detract from the artist’s vision for the work. In this PART 2 workshop, we’ll concentrate on the 7 most important image-making techniques to utilize on the glass canvas, with the addition of Color Decals, Metallics, and Stacked layers for Depth!

Students will work with glass enamels, glass paints, glass powders, micas, stencil cutters and frisket, and specialty films. We’ll use photo manipulation software (Photoshop or Photoshop Elements), and more. We’ll thoroughly cover and utilize the following printmaking techniques; 1) SCREEN PRINTING; making your own screens the easy way 2) AIRBRUSHING; different tools and which work for each application 3) PHOTO RESIST; different films and why each works 4) POWDER PRINTING; easy shortcuts to great images 5) CUSTOM DECALS; decals, tints, and sources 6) DIRECT PAINTING; how, why, and when to do it 7) MASKING AND STENCILING; making your own custom stencils and masks. 

NEW FOR 2020! Color Decals and Metallics, Stacked layers for Depth!

Students will create 4 sample tiles as well as 2 complete works that tell their own personal stories. After some experimentation, we pull it all together to help us tell our story. Each piece will consist of patterns, colors, and textures overlaid with images of persons, places, and things. We will also discuss varied mounting and display options. 

This class is all about the gaining skills and confidence to create work that conveys your message. Don't miss this opportunity to work in a whole new way!

LEVEL - NEXT STEP - Some glass fusing experience is necessary.

WORKSHOP - 4 Days - 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

RECOMMENDED CLASS FEES - $595 Due at Registration (non-taxable)

MATERIALS FEE - $200 Due on the Day of Class (taxable)

Can't join us for a class? You can now purchase a video of this workshop and work from your home studio.

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