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Here's What's Cookin' in the Kiln...

Posted by Gail Stouffer on


Last weekend I taught the Sculptural Images in Glass workshop in Fort Worth. This was my sample piece! It's 1" thick and it's called "Cowboy Dreams". It's still in process, and I'm looking forward to the next steps. I'm planning on doing some refined cold/edge work on this piece. This weekend I'll be in Phoenix, teaching the same workshop, and I can't wait! When it's finished, this piece will be at The Gallery at Gruene Lake Village, where my work is sold.

In February I'll be teaching this at Fusion Headquarters, for a full week of working thick with images, including powder printing, cold working, image development and more. Join us in Portland, OR.

It's getting closer to studio moving day, and although it will be a ton of work to get everything just right, I'm so looking forward to having more space for glass, metal clay jewelry, pottery, welding classes, and more.  Just six more weeks until the move and I have a full plate, packed with exciting things happening! 

Stay tuned for a few cool announcements over the next six weeks!

See you in the studio!

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